Seniors it’s Time to Get That J-O-B After Graduation

Seniors it’s that time right now when graduation is approaching and you will be starting a new chapter of your life as some of you are looking to enter the working world. Some of you don’t know where to start looking and there are others who are not sure how to even begin the procedure, but here is some advice that will help you in your job search process.

The first place you should start getting information on possible job opportunities is from your school’s career development department. When visiting this department you should bring several tools such as your resume and cover letter. For those of you who are in technical and practical fields it is important that you have your portfolios, resume tapes as well as broadcast production tapes ready for viewing. If you don’t have any of these materials, the career development office will help by guiding you in your preparation of them.

Some departments have already established relationships with companies that might be related to your field, so after you have your tools ready talk to your career advisor about the necessary procedures in which you would have to take to get an interview with the companies most compatible with your qualifications.

The next popular way of finding a job related to your field is through various websites on the internet such as Webcast and Monstertrak where you can post your resume for potential companies to view your qualifications as well as you can view the list of available positions posted by a wide variety of companies. Information on some of these corporations found on these websites can also be found in the job banks located in your school’s career development office.

Don’t forget to check the classified ads section of your local newspaper as a lot of companies post job openings. Also the Sunday issues of the newspapers are the best source for a complete listing of jobs in your city and surrounding areas. You can also go online to check the newspaper’s website to see if there is a more comprehensive list of job positions available.

If relocating is not a problem, you have more of an option of gaining a place in the workforce. You don’t always have to go after the big companies as there are smaller businesses that can even offer you more experience at a faster pace than if you were a part of a large company.  You can look for jobs in areas where there is a demand for people in your field, this way your chances of getting it is much greater than being in competition with a hundred other people going after the same position.  

Many schools offer career fairs in the spring of your graduation year so if attending any, always carry your resume and a cover letter as you may never know when you will run into a potential employer. If graduating in May or June of this academic year, you should begin your job search process no later than the first week in March of that semester.


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