Shootings At Howard University

As the school year comes to a close, Howard University has seenan increase in gun activity over the last week, both of whichinvolve Howard University police officers.

Police are currently investigating to seewhether the two incidents are connected, since both involve similarlooking vehicles – a red Isuzu Trooper.

The latest incident involves Gebrian Dixon, aformer Howard University student, who was shot in the hand aftertrying to escape from West Plaza Towers dormitory parking lot.Dixon was being waited on by campus police, after an off-duty copsaw the red Isuzu trooper he was driving matched the description ofa car that had tried to run down a campus police officer the Fridaybefore. Dixon was shot in the hand after he had taken a swipe atone of the officers, according to police, but Dixon offered adifferent take to Howard University’s student newspaper,The Hilltop.

“I rolled down the window to talk tothem, and I noticed that they were reaching for their guns, so Iput my hands up and said ‘hold up, hold up’ andthat’s when they shot me in the palm of my right hand,”Dixon said. The confusion caused him to flee, but he could not getout of the garage. The University has pressed charges against Dixonfor aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, both officers who fired theirweapons have been placed on administrative leave, which isUniversity policy, and the case is still pending.

With finals coming up, and students makingtheir final arrangements for the summer, many students have notgiven the two incidents much thought.

“I didn’t think about theshootings too much,” said Howard University freshman EfiaMoore. “I’m too busy with getting ready for finals, andbesides it’s something that comes with the territory atHoward University. You know the neighborhood isn’t that nice,and at some point during the school year something is going tohappen.”