Small Business Owners Can “Get the Edge” With New Website

In the business world, everybody wants the competitiveedge—the insight to increase their profits and better theirbusiness.  However, small businesses may find it difficult toattain and maintain such economic success.  Yet, according totheir motto, Buybiztools.com provides a solution by offering smallbusiness owners all the tools needed to “Get theEdge.”


Buybiztools.com, a new e-commerce sitere-launched by Cypher Signature Design Group (CSDG) last monthoffers a variety of resources for small business owners.  Thewebsite offers information and products needed to start and managea small business including business plan consultation, graphicservices and marketing packages. 


Services are offered at reasonable prices andsome are even free.  For example, graphic services start at$27 and free reports are available on topics such as timemanagement for home based businesses. 


Because of low costs for the businessessentials, young entrepreneurs, such as college students with”shoe-string budgets” can benefit from this site. According to Rhonda Winn, Creative Director and Principal of CSDG,the site has many services which accommodate those operating on alimited budget.


Buybiztools.com and CSDG also help promoteeconomic development in the Black community, which Winn’saim. She stated,


 “Without members of the Blackcommunity becoming active participants in small business ownership,the community does not grow economically.”


One way in which CSDG attempts to ameliorateeconomic problems in urban communities is by educating young Blacksabout capitalism and business.  CSDG worked with the Dayton,Ohio public school system by promoting and encouraging inner cityyouth to pursue graphic careers. 


In addition, they support urban businessowners by offering a free e-commerce web site package, freedownloads and materials and forums.  Such assistance lowersbusiness costs, promotes e-commerce education and sparkscommunication between entrepreneurs, which in turn advanceseconomic development in the African American community.


For more information about Buybiztools.com,visit the site at http://buybiztools.com or send ane-mail inquiry to info@buybiztools.com.