Snoop Urges Clemency for Crip Co-Founder


    Along with more than a thousand protestors, rapper Snoop Dogg crammed onto a street outside the San Quentin State Prison begging for mercy for Stanley "Tookie" Williams, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Snoop and a multiracial crowd were begging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) to pardon the co-founder of the famous Crip gang for execution over the weekend. His death penalty is scheduled for Dec. 13 for his alleged involvement in four killings in Los Angeles back in 1979. The families of the victims adamantly oppose any mercy for Williams.

    Everyone who has listened to a Snoop song or watched a video has heard the rapper say “I twist up my fingers and wearing dark blue.” Snoop admits that he used to belong to the Crips in Long Beach and many people have seen him “crip walking” on stage. Despite his affiliations, it is evident that Snoop is standing behind Williams and rallying support.

    Many people are familiar with Williams due to the movie “Redemption” in which actor Jamie Foxx detailed his life.

    Snoop was also moved by the film and decided that it was time for him to connect with the kids and make a change. He has talked with Williams by phone and considers him an inspirational figure says the article.

    As a result of aging and seeing the impact of gang violence, Williams has been actively campaigning for anti-gang campaigns from behind bars. People are now familiar with his efforts, as he has been nominated for Nobel Prizes.

    On the same day as the protest the 51-year-old addressed a youth conference at the Santa Clara Hotel calling on them to work against gang violence according.

    Snoop joined the panel, addressing the crowd and answering questions of the high school students about gang violence. Williams seemed to change the subject when people mentioned his pardon, shifting focus to the importance of eradicating all gang violence rather than helping him out reported the Times.

    "I regret it all,” Williams said at the panel. “I have written an apology to the mothers of not just South-Central, but throughout California and this nation. I regret that any child has lost his or her life to gang violence – whether it’s to Crips or Bloods – it’s a sad thing.”