Sony Offers New P900

For all the technologically savvy people out there, Sony hasintroduced a phone/PDA sure to gain favor among those people wholike to keep current with electronic trends. If you find yourselfcarrying a cell phone, two-way pager and palm pilot just to manageall your personal and professional affairs, the Sony P900 is theperfect all-in-one device that will eliminate the need for anyother handheld gadget.

Far from your average cellular phone, the SonyEriccson P900 helps the mobile businessperson maintain businessaffairs, surf the Net, and talk on the phone, among other things,all the while looking extremely sheik on Sony’s latestoffering.

The Sony P900 does a lot more than just lookgood. According to Fred Green, Jr., technology writer for NNPA,”…it’s the best phone I’ve everused.” Starting with its most basic abilities, making a phonecall, the phone is equipped with a triple band antenna, whichallows it to be used around the nation including countries outsidethe U.S. like Europe and Canada. Instead of using today’spopular songs or standard tones to play when the phone rings, theSony P900 allows users to program their own voice as a ringer oralarm. “I choose my own voice to calmly yet firmly say,‘Excuse me I need to answer my phone’,” says Green.

Although the phone has received high praisefrom the likes of Fred Green nothing comes without criticism.Rachel Crouch, who owns the Handspring, isn’t too impressedwith the offerings of the P900. Most PDA phones offer at least 32MB of built-in memory but the P900 only has 12MB. Also, theHandspring can be used with any cellular phone service provider butit seems that the P900 will only be carried through companies thatuse SIM cards like T-mobile of AT&T.

Nevertheless, no one can deny that the P900 isoffering things that even the Handspring cannot compete with. TheP900 functions as a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The Bluetoothwireless connectivity allows the phone to communicate with otherBluetooth devices such as headsets, digital cameras and laptopswithout any wires and up to 10m away.

There is also a built in speakerphone, whichallows for hands free conversation. And surfing the Net on a cellphone couldn’t be any better now that the P900 allows one todownload internet pages up to three times faster than most mobilephones. This makes sending and receiving e-mails, which are alsofunctions of the P900, easier. As if this wasn’t enough, theP900 also has a digital VGA camera and can play various musicformats including MP3s. The price for such an advanced gadget runsbetween $500 and $700, but for all that it offers, the Sony P900 isworth the money.