Soul Boutique Adds Culture to your Wardrobe

When looking for trendy T-shirts with African culture, look no further than Aghogho Sowho’s line -Soul Boutique.

Sowho, a senior studying chemistry at Howard University, began making T-shirts about two years ago when the African Student Association (ASA) needed more designs for their annual fashion show, which is held in the fall. After the fashion show participants and spectators complimented Sowho on her T-shirts, then people began requesting them. Her friends encouraged her to pursue this new opportunity and thus Soul Boutique was born.

Each T-shirt is hand made with African details, patterns, phrases or anything else that represents the country. “I buy T-shirts all the time. I like the fact that now I can buy a T-shirt that really expresses who I am,” says Haissatu Biallo, a Howard University alumni.

A T-shirt can be purchased pre-designed, or a special order can be made.. The T-shirts are available for both men and women and feature designs from handwritten phrases in colored gel or paint, to sequins, feathers, and African print. “I prefer the simple design. It has Africa written on it in a unique text with gel paint. It’s simple and creative and that’s how I like my style,” says a customer Adam Aderoju.

Sowho hopes to expand her business and open up a store after she has spent some time in her field. She says that she has now found away to express her once hidden passion for art through her T-shirt collection. She was tired of seeing the same designs and patterns on shirts.

“I wanted to bring T-shirts to life, each of my designs comes from the soul,” she said. More of Sowho’s African cultured line can be seen on the website-www.soul-botique.com.