Spoiled Rotten For a Day

Spoiled & Rotten Kids Spa and Boutique pampers birthday girls.

Rounds of Shirley Temples, pizza, and potato chips are passed throughout the room as clients lounge on miniature couches, and teddy bear-shaped recliners. Beyoncé is on loop while Bratz episodes play back to back on a flat screen TV. Little girls in fuzzy pink robes with their fingers spread apart chitchat as their manicures dry. It is Ryanne Swamy’s tenth birthday, and she and her girlfriends are celebrating at Spoiled & Rotten Kids Spa and Boutique.

“Basically it’s a spa for little girls to feel special and pampered,” said 35 year-old Khadijah Bronson, the spa’s owner. “It makes them feel like big girls, and it’s just for them.”

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Spoiled & Rotten began as Kids Boutique, where Bronson carried guestbook on Spoiled and Rotten’s website is page after page of similar comments. Bronson, who earned an engineering degree from Temple University and has no children, attributes her entrepreneurial skills to her mother.

“My mother always had a full time job and a side hustle… and always tried to give me the best,” she explained, citing all the extra jobs her mother has held, from prom dress seamstress to telemarketer. “It was only after she passed I realized, I got my mother’s business savvy.”

Bronson already owns two service packages and prices, or call Khadijah Bronson at (202)277-1772 for reservations.