Students Plan to Drive Bush out of Office


    There’s a new movement in town involving college students nationwide who are hoping to “drive out President George W. Bush and his regime.”


      R.J. Schinner, a national student organizer for the “World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime,” said that “we need to shake things up on the campuses.” So on November 2, the anniversary of the President’s re-election, a nationwide protest will be held and some college students are walking out of their classes.


      Several students from Spellman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta Universities have formed local chapters, Schinner said.


      Schinner joined the campaign to shun the federal government for the scandal involving American troops and the abuse of Abu Ghraib prisoners during the Iraqi war and for Bush’s slow response in helping the, majority of poor Blacks escape New Orleans’ floodwaters after the category five Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast Aug 27.


      Failing to aide the flooded city and its residents was described as a “mass murder at the hands of the Bush regime,” Schinner said responding to an e-mail.


      Ultimately, he hopes that college campuses across the nation speak against the Bush administration and that students quit relying on the Democratic party to make political changes.


      ”Act on this truth,” Schinner said in a statement. “If you understand that the world really cannot wait for fascism to consolidate power in the U.S. and for further and more atrocious crimes to be committed by the Bush regime around the world. And if you understand that the only way to do this is by breaking out of the framework of relying on the Democrats to save us and taking independent historic action to drive the Bush regime from power, then you have a big responsibility on your hands.”


     He hopes that the campaign leads to “a student movement that will pierce the paralysis on campuses across the country,” referring to what is seemingly an apathetic response from college students’ regarding the Bush Administration’s failure to quickly help victims after Katrina. A group of Black law students at ColumbiaUniversity have already joined the advocacy group.


      ”The only man in the nation who had the authority, power, and resources to quickly and efficiently bring these people and their families to safety was in the next state -on vacation,” said organizers of the Black Law Students Association at ColumbiaUniversity in a statement. “President Bush chose to let the chips fall where they may for the poor in New Orleans. Yet there have been no apologies from George W. Bush to those he abandoned, only entreaties that we not ‘play the blame game.”


    Another activist explained why students are the focus for propelling the movement.


      ”The youth are the ones who decide and create the future of this country,” said Bryan Dozier of the Washington, DC chapter. “We are going out to campuses and

high schools and asking people, ‘If you really want to see Bush out of office like you say, then what will you do to make it happen? Will you go back to your daily life, or step forward and take initiative in the most important struggle of our time?'”


    Dozier said that African Americans students are joining the cause because he believes that they see and understand racism better than any other ethnic group in the United States.


      ”Unfortunately, most African American students we have encountered understand all too well why this administration needs to be repudiated,” he said. “They are taking the brunt of the racism that still exists in this country, but is well-hidden today among the throngs of society. Poverty, police brutality, equal opportunities are among many issues that the black community faces, and it is clear that Bush doesn’t care about these issues."