The Apple effect

Courtesy: Apple

Courtesy: Apple

Every year when a new Apple product comes out, people claim their phone begins glitching. It this a way to profit from capitalism or a coincidence? Sydney Barad, 21, an iPhone user living in Washington, D.C said, “My phone was acting fine before the release of the new iPhone and now it’s incredibly unreliable and glitchy.” She isn’t the only person who has experienced the glitches.

During interviews with 20 people, 18 said their phone had been acting differently since the new release of the new iPhone. @AppleSupport released a statement about the bug saying it can be fixed “by installing the latest software update.”

Jauda Harrell, an iPhone user living in Washington, D.C said, “I noticed a lot of technological glitches– I think they just want me to buy a new phone.” This is the mindset of many Americans. Every new phone update, social media is bombarded with all the issues Apple users face.

The first iPhone was released in 2007. According to Tim Long, BMO’s Capital Market Analyst, there are 700 million in use. According to research done at Harvard University by Laura Trucco, the iPhone 3 began glitching after the release of the iPhone 3GS.

Joan Glosen, a technician at the Apple Store in Georgetown says, “it’s simply a matter of updating. If you keep your phone updated, you should have no problem.”

Apple’s newest phones, the iPhone 8 and X were released in early November. Therefore, to keep your phone from glitches, you might have to be prepared to update it every year.