The N-word Will Remain in “The Boondocks”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a columnist for BlackNews.com, recently dictated his disdain for cartoonist Aaron McGruder’s use of the N-word in episodes of “Boondocks.”


“In a panel discussion at the Summer Television Critics Association tour this past summer, Aaron McGruder-defiantly told the audience that he’ll use the N-word as much as he pleases in episodes of the series on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim,” Hutchinson wrote. “If folks don’t like it, then they’ll just have to get over it. After all, everyone uses it.”


While Hutchinson may not be a fan of McGruder’s work, many college students make sure to save a 30-minute block of their Sunday nights specifically for watching

the cartoon which stars characters Huey, Riley and Caesar, three black boys between the ages of eight to 10, that deal with political, racial and contemporary issues.


Eric Holmes, a first-year Howard University College of Dentistry student at Howard University, finds the show quite amusing and does not think its use of the N-word is too big of a deal.


“I think the show is funny,” Holmes said. “Some people are upset that Aaron McGruder depicts a few black children using the N-word or other derogatory terms, but that’s not too out of the ordinary from real life when hundreds of kids are speaking like that. In the end, art imitates life.”


Other students who have watched the show believe that while “Boondocks” does indeed provide quality entertainment, the N-word is not entirely necessary. Anise Abernathy, a senior biology major at Howard University, feels that the N-word is unacceptable in most situations.


“I understand that Aaron McGruder is probably having his characters use the N-word for comedic purposes,” Abernathy said. “At the same time, it’s important to realize that what is intended to be funny can potentially be harmful. You never know who is watching the show. Even though it’s on late night when kids should be in bed, these days, you never know.”