Tom Browkaw Calls It Quits After Two Decades as Anchor

Tom Brokaw gave aspiring journalists a role model to emulate, viewers a sophisticated style to imitate, and women a smile to adore, all while bringing his own unique flavor to journalism.

Brokaw, 64, who hails from the Midwest, the anchor of “NBC Nightly News” for more than two decades, called it quits after saying goodbye to viewers with an emotional sendoff, showing there is a tender side to such a virile man.

“Whatever the story, I had only one objective: to get it right,” he said. He added “always mindful that your patience and attention didn’t come with a lifetime warranty,” according to the Associated Press.

Brokaw was a man about business. Viewers could count on him for truth, along with some wittiness to ease the heart. When he said his last goodbye, he again eased the heart with his witty spirit, smooth manner, and unquestionable valor to comfort and assurance that America we will be fine.

Tom never lost a sense of his own approachability,” said CNN anchor Aaron Brown. Brokaw gave insights to the world through his book “The Greatest Generation,” a series inspired by World War II era, and the 40th anniversary of D-Day.

“Tom saw those events in a different way than the other guys,” Brown said. “That doesn’t mean he’s more patriotic, but he saw the humanity of the moment, saw them as neighbors. It’s a tweak in his approach.”

Brokaw went out with class to leave his job with a champagne toast on the “Today” show, and apologizing moments later. But when it came time for the final segment of “Nightly News,” he rushed through it to finish his job, and deliver the news on Iraqi veterans, reported by Brian Williams, who takes over tonight.  But when the credits rolled, a few photos and an old recording of Bob Hope singing “Thanks for the Memory” was all that was with them. But it was a testament of his simplistic style.