Tweet’s Reintroduction Leaves Much to be Desired

If Tweet’s 2002 “Southern Hummingbird” was a staple CD in your disc changer, her new album, “It’s Me Again,” may leave you feeling shortchanged.

Rochester, N.Y. native Tweet, a.k.a. Charlene Keys, had a slow start into the music business. Her years of preparation and waiting almost took their toll and ended her life, but amazingly she got her big break right in time. Her debut album, “Southern Hummingbird,” proved Tweet to be serious about her music, when her sassy soulful and mysterious vocals landed the album at number two on the Billboard charts.

Many fans of the songbird agree that her latest work, “Its Me Again,” just doesn’t have that same feel. The album opens with an intro noting her appreciation for those who have supported and allowed her to create this project. There aren’t many notable artists featured on the album besides her mentor Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott. Even with the small performances from her, it is clear that Tweet is trying to showcase her vocals this time without the guest appearances and hit maker beats of fellow artist Timbaland.

“I really enjoyed ‘Southern Hummingbird,’ but this new one doesn’t do it for me. It’s like she through a bunch of words together and said lets make an album,” said Howard University sophomore public relations major Angela Jenkins.

This particular album will not appeal to the average rhythm and blues listener. Her songs on this album tend to have more of an overly relaxed feel. The silky smooth vocal work on the tracks ‘Could It Be’ and ‘Small Change’ are more reminiscent of a 70s lounge singer, showing that Tweet can indeed hit the right notes, but she fails to deliver any real lyrical content.

“There isn’t a song on the entire CD that I really think stands out for a good reason,” said Howard University sophomore nursing major Shana Lyons. “None of them tell a story the way her first album did, it sounds as if she allowed a child to right her lyrics.”

“Its Me Again” may not be an album seen topping the charts anytime soon. It seems like Tweet doesn’t produce the same quality music without the help of a few others. A few tighter lyrics and an upgrade to better beats could do this record a lot of justice. Tweet fans that have not heard the album yet, don’t be discouraged, just keep an open mind.

Grade: C