Ward 4

It’s the perfect example of the American melting pot, full of different cultures in a diverse community. Almost 80,000 residents have made Ward 4 their home. They come together to clean up neighborhood, hold community events and continue a spirit of activism by keeping government agencies accountable.   The sitting Ward 4 council member is Muriel Bowser, who recently won re-election.   

According to Bowser’s Web site, Ward 4 stretches from “its northern boundary (Eastern Avenue) with Montgomery County, Takoma Park and Prince George’s County in Maryland to its southern border with Ward 1 on Spring Road, Ward 5 to the East and Ward 3 to the West.” 

The residents of Ward 4 are highly involved. Most neighborhoods have community associations that work closely with the city to make sure that residents’ concerns are met.

The organizations include the Takoma, D.C., Neighborhood Association, the 16th Street Heights Neighborhood Association, the Brightwood Community Association, the Crestwood Citizens Association and the Manor Park Citizens Association.

Ward 4 Neighborhoods:16th Street HeightsBarnaby WoodsBrightwoodBrightwood ParkChevy ChaseColonial VillageCrestwoodFort TottenHawthorneLamond-RiggsManor ParkNorth Portal EstatesPetworthShepard ParkTakoma

Ward 4 Associations:16th Street Heights Neighborhood AssociationPresident: Louis Wassel, louisw86@yahoo.com, 202-723-3580

16th Street Heights Citizens AssociationPresident — Tim Letzkus: tim.letzkus@gmail.com

Brightwood Community AssociationPresident: D. Kamili Anderson, president@brightwooddc.com

Chevy Chase Citizens AssociationPresident: Julia Ulstrup, president@chevychasecitizens.org

Citizens AwarePresident: Gwen Vample, gwenvample@gmail.com

Concerned Neighbors, IncPresident: Shirley Richardson, concernedneighbors@hotmail.com, 202- 291-5363

Crestwood Citizens AssociationPresident: Jeff Hildebrand, jeff.crestwood@gmail.com, 202-882-8089

Crestwood Neighborhood LeaguePresident: Rev. Robert Childs, clethridge@juno.com

Lamond-Riggs Civic AssociationPresident: Rodney Foxworth, rdfoxworth@lycos.com, 635-2063

Manor Park Citizens AssociationPresident: Mr. Carroll Green todo4u2@aol.com, 202-723-6063

Heart of Manor ParkPresident: Ron Austin, raustin@sprint.blackberry.net

South Manor ParkPresident: Ron Austin, raustin@sprint.blackberry.net

Civic League of North Portal EstatesPresident: Jerome Paige, 202-726-3081

Neighbors Inc. (North Washington Neighbors Inc)President: Christopher Turner, Cbturneresq@cs.com, 285-3077

Shepherd Park Citizens AssociationPresident: Beth Allaben, 202-882-2009, beth.dc@verizon.net

Takoma DC Neighborhood AssociationPresident: Paul Schwartz, pres@TDCNA.org