Women’s March NYC

Photo by  Charity Hester
Sex work activists come together to help voice their opinions on unionizing labor rights for all sex workers.

NEWYORK- Thousands of protesters gathered in unity for the women’s march of 2018, on Saturday afternoon in Central Park to rally for the injustice precedent women face everyday in America.

The focus of the march is to put an end to inequality women face in America in the streets and workplace. The turnout for the march as expected every year was fully packed with women and men from every background. The march soon turned into an anti- trump rally. As protesters of the march chanted rhymes “ hey hey trump go away” and “ trump trump go away! Sexist, racist, anti-gay!”

Speakers encouraged protesters to use their voice to positively be apart of what’s going on with congress and the government. To be the voice the people can hear and give encouragement.

Many New York marchers spoke out against the inequality with women and men “ I’m marching for the people without a voice: women of color, immigrants, and transgender women; there’s no way we should not all be seen as just women, but separated into different sectors that have nothing to do with who we are and what we stand for,”  said Alanna Gordon, 21 year old Senior at University of Delaware from long Island, NY. “ With what’s going on now as far as whos running the country, we’ll have to see what actually changes based on today’s march.”

Marchers ranged from all ages and came from all differents parts of the country. “Some issues have a huge impact on others countries as well,  believe it or not; when I heard about the march I immediately told my friend we had to go be apart of that while on my visit,” said Jennifer, a white 62 year old woman from London. “ It shocked me to see the differences between London and America and how things our ran and how this will impact all of us in the long run.”

 The reasoning of the march is to take back womens silence and give them a voice to stand up to Trump’s administration.  “ We need to let them know that we are here to stay and we won’t stop until we get the respect and dignity that we deserve,” said 48 year old unidentified black woman who considers herself an immigrant.

Three older women who wished not to give their identification spoke up about how certain situations the President has taken has affected them, “ The way things are being handled is scary and if we don’t take control now, who knows where we’ll be. Some of my family experienced the downside of DACA a few weeks ago. It’s pretty unbelievable!”


To stay updated with any upcoming events or how you can get involved use the hashtags #WomensMarchNYC and #ResistNOW, and don’t forget to tag NOW-NYC (@NOW_NYC) and the NYC Women’s March Alliance (@nycwomensmarch).



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