Bend and Blaze: Cannabis Infused Yoga

Weaving wellness, cannabis and mindfulness, yoga enthusiasts filled the room to participate in Cannabis Infused Yoga on Connecticut Avenue NW.

Damon Erves, the founder of Cannabis Infused Yoga, began teaching after many positive experiences with yoga immediately after smoking the herb.

“I initially got into this because I would notice a drastic change in my endurance and focus doing yoga if I smoked right before I did it. It’s hard to explain, but my body feels numb to pain which allows me to push my limits further than when I’m sober,” said Erves.

“First everyone smokes a pre-rolled joint or they can bring their own, it doesn’t make a difference to me. Then we have a brief warm up just to ensure the high has kicked in for everyone then we start class. So the sessions run for about an hour, we smoke and warm up for the first twenty minutes,” continued Erves.

Erves also managed to get regulars who come every Friday.

“When I started this thing, I had almost no support but I took a leap of faith and now I have regulars. Most people are pretty hesitant before joining my class but they soon realize that they really are getting a better stretch while high,” said Erves.

Tiffany Johnson and Megan Raine of Washington, D.C. have been attending Cannabis Infused Yoga for four months.

“I first came with my best friend Megan just as something to do one Friday and I loved it. It was something very off the wall but it’s really a good way to kick off the weekend after work,” said Johnson.

“I saw a flyer one day and called up my friend and said let’s go! We both work hard being grad students at GW (George Washington University) and with full time jobs, this is deserved and a big step up from my regular yoga class,” said Raine.

Cannabis Infused Yoga meets every Friday with different sessions between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 1215 Connecticut Ave NW. Attendees are suggested to bring their own yoga mat.