10 years of Sound Success…American Legacy Magazine

The road seemed dark, disturbing and doubtful but the vision was clear. The obstacles turned many astray, yet determination kept him focused on the goal. He knew what he needed to do to be a success and did it. Now, he stands before the world with…American Legacy Magazine. 

Rodney J. Reynolds, founder and publisher of American Legacy Magazine, celebrates 10 years of excellence with the publication of the Spring 2005 issue.  

“We are very excited about reaching this milestone in the life of the magazine. Our goal of creating a resource center for African American history and culture is being realized,” said Reynolds according to Blacknews.com. 

Reynolds’s quest began in 1995 when he partnered with Forbes Inc.’s American Heritage division to publish American Legacy. His vision was to launch a magazine that focused on African American people, history and culture. His passion for awareness in the African American community and the African American contribution to society drove his desire to create. 

With the strategy of using distribution channels of African American churches, organizations, and businesses within a year of publication, American Legacy became a very profitable magazine. Beginning with a circulation of less then 100, today the magazine has a circulation of over 500,000 and a total readership of more than 2.2 million. American Legacy also hosts top companies such as General Motors and Johnson & Johnson in its advertising pages, as opposed to five years ago when they had none. 

As the years progressed so did the magazine and Reynolds began to expand his brand. In 2002, American Legacy introduced American Legacy Women, American Legacy Jr., and Health Advantage. These supplement magazines each targeted different aspects of African American life and history in women, children, and health, and each equally became very successful. However, the largest powerhouse supplement was American Legacy Television, launched in 2001.  

Reynolds, ecstatic about all the things he has been able to achieve through American Legacy, understands that their brand empowers everyone. 

“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past years,” said Reynolds according to Blacknews.com. “The brands we’ve developed each provide information that’s uplifting, enlightening and is difficult to find elsewhere. Our brands empower not only African Americans, but all Americans.”  

Now in its tenth year, American Legacy publishes African American history and culture that is both informative and inspirational. American Legacy’s editorial content is filled with substance, no fluff, no hype, no shallowness, only historical facts about accomplishments achieved, hardships endured, and obstacles overcome that will enrich readers’ sense of being. It has featured Martin Luther King Jr., Ellington, Muhammad Alli, The UniverSoul Circus, The Slave Castles of Ghana, and Caribbean festivals. 

“The magazine has won the cultural hearts of readers and the respect and admiration of others, projecting a level of cultural credibility and editorial integrity that is unsurpassed. It consequently reaches an audience of intelligent readers who have a keen appreciation for their heritage and self,” according to Americanheritage.com. 

American Legacy 10th Anniversary Exhibit will be March 3-April 16 at Forbes Gallery in New York. For more information about American Legacy Magazine or the celebration, visit www.AmericanLegacyMag.com.