Beyonce Breaks into Fashion Industry

“Couture. Kick. Soul.” is the new trademark line forTina and Beyonce Knowles’ new clothing line “The Houseof Dereon.” Beyonce who began her career at the tender age of16, will now not only be recognized for her work as a singer,dancer, actress and model, but also for her contributions to theworld of fashion.

“The House of Dereon,” pronounced(de-ron) was inspired by Beyonce’s grandmother, who had a bigimpact on Beyonce and her daughter Tina Knowles. It was her love offashion that sparked the flame for this new business venture. Theline comes as no surprise to many because the members ofDestiny’s Child have been wearing Tina Knowles creationssince their 1998 debut. Since then Beyonce has been a walkingspokesperson for her mother’s niche at award shows, concertsand special appearances.

“To me, this is the greatest way to enterinto the fashion world inspired by my grandmother, working with mymother and pursuing a dream we have all had for many yearsestablishing an important fashion company,” Beyonce told APreporters. With this new line expected to hit stores next fall,Beyonce is joining several other celebrities as she begins a newchapter in her life.

 In recent years, clothing lines have beena trend among African American celebrities. Puff Daddy’s”Sean Jean,” Jay-Z’s “Roca Wear,” andNelly’s “Vokal” are proving that theseartists’ talent extends beyond the recording studio. In 2003,Sean Jean raked in a whopping $450 million while Roca Wear followedwith $300 million that same year. Eve, Serena Williams, RussellSimmons and his wife Kimora Lee are other artists who have takenthe plunge into the world of fashion. In a round table discussionwith lookonline.com Constance White said, “Even ifyou’re a celebrity designer, it doesn’t work after theinitial puff of celebrity if the clothes, the goods aren’tthere.”

Thefashion industry is definitely a difficult one for Blacks to enter.There are very few Black designers and those widely recognized comefar and in-between. In fact in the African American community, theonly fashion designers who seem to have any type of recognition arethose who entered that industry after first having conquered theairwaves or the silver screen.

Fewcan identify with Black designers like Andre Martin, Ozwald Boatengor Patricia Mills, but many are familiar with the designs of PuffDaddy, Jay-Z, and Nelly’s team.

“I think its good that entertainers try toventure off into fashion,” said Whitney Boggs, a HowardUniversitystudent. “It can provide more jobs and issomething positive for the Back community and the Blackimage.”