Osama bin Laden Believed to be Alive and Well

The hunt seems to be over but according to announcements madeyesterday by Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf, the life of alQaeda Osama bin Laden is not.

Newly released intelligence reports suggestthat although his whereabouts are unknown, bin Laden is alive andmost likely hiding in Pakistan, not Afghan territory.

Although Pakistan has arrested or killeddozens alleged links to the terror network that reigned inAfghanistan, no major al Qaeda figure has been caught or killedsince the war began in 2002, said Lieutenant-General David Barno toReuters reporters in Kabul.

According to Reuter’s reports, Pakistan hasmore than 70,000 troops but U.S. officials claim there is a lack ofcommitment to the deterrence of Taliban militants from crossing theborder of Afghanistan into Islamabad.

“We see relatively little evidence of senioral Qaeda personality figures being here (in Afghanistan) becausethey can feel more protected by their foreign fighters in remoteareas inside Pakistan,” Barno told reporters.

He continued that it would take time to assesswhether Pakistan’s breakthroughs in intelligence would lead to thecapture of bin Laden, al Zawahri or Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad,who are all believed to be hiding along the Afghan-Pakistanfrontier.

U.S. military officials are making strongattempts to curb resistance to the war or terror, which they claimare moves to disrupt the upcoming elections in January.