Blog Report: Conservatives Across Nation Lose Hope in McCain Campaign

Conservative Bloggers Agree That McCain’s Campaign Was an “Embarrassment” Compared to Obama’s “Flawless” Campaign

Conservatives across the nation have been speaking their mind much thanks to blog websites dedicated to Republican voters, on the issues concerning this historic election.

After attending a rally in northern Virginia, one Republican voter told the Spectator blog that they are more convinced than ever that McCain will lose this election. The voter felt that McCain was “preaching to the choir, but the choir is smaller than it has been in a generation.”According to townhall.com, conservative voters believe that in order for McCain to beat Obama’s popular lead, he will need to win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Virginia.

However, some still have hope that McCain will win. Last week Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., warned voters that “the economy would worse if Obama [was] elected.” He continued to criticize Obama’s tax cut proposal saying that 40 percent of Americans do not pay taxes so there can be no tax cut.

Still the major concern of many conservatives seems to remain the same. Obama’s campaign the past 12 months has been flawless compared to McCain. Obama displayed the charm, personality, optimism, charisma and connection with the American people.