Bus Layover Complaints may lead to Route Termination

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority had been considering terminating the seventy Metro bus route near Half and P streets in Southwest Washington, DC. There have been continuous complaints from riders of this route due to its layover.

Bus layovers are breaks that the driver of the bus is given at the end of her or his route before operating the reverse route. Passengers are complaining because the layover is heavily imposing on their schedules. There are businesses, restaurants, hotels, and stores located near Half and P streets. This area generates a lot of riders. So the seventy Metro bus route’s layover is affecting many people at this location. Riders are complaining that they are being delayed getting to and from work.

With the country’s current economic status many people are being forced to use public transportation. WMATA officials have had a meeting with the advisors to discuss this ongoing issue. In the meeting they introduced the pros and cons of terminating the bus route all together.

WMATA has proposed an alternate solution that will change the bus’ layover location instead of eliminating the bus route. This proposal is still awaiting for approval.

According to Bus Service Planner, David Erion , if the proposition is approved, the layover location will be changed to Half and O Streets Southwest as opposed to Half and P Streets Southwest.

If approved the layover location change for the seventy bus route could take up to a year.

Erion says that if the location of the layover is changed it will not have any negative effect on riders.