D.C. Taxicabs Safe or Not

Reports surfaced last month that Washington, D.C. cab drivers were assaulting passengers. Though there was no evidence confirming the assaults seven drivers were arrested. ABC 7 broke the story. As a solution the District of Columbia government plans to place panic buttons in cabs for passengers. 

At a recent hearing for a new D.C. taxicab commissioner, drivers cared more about D.C. cabs looking alike, Virginia cabs staying out of their territory, and picking a new commissioner that would serve the masses. 

The hearing was actually the first time some drivers had heard of the manhandling of passengers. One driver says he has a panic button for himself. He like other taxi drivers at the hearing said they have been assaulted by passengers before. 

Contrast to the story about assault there is definitely something going on between cab drivers and limo drivers in the District. Take a listen below.