Damon Dash Launches Rocbox Digital Players

Damon Dash will launch a line of digital music players calledthe Rocbox set up to challenge Apple’s iPod with his newpartnership ROC Digital.

The Rocbox device will offer 20 GB of storageby using Hitachi’s compact Travelstar C4K40 1.8-inch hard drive andwill sell for $300. A smaller capacity version will be availablefor $160.

The official launch of the Rocbox is set tooccur by early November. The products will only be sold inMacy’s and CompUSA stores.

Dash adds his partnership with ROC Digital tohis vast empire. Dash is the chief executive of The Roc whichincludes Roc-A-Fella Records, Rocawear clothing line, Armadalevodka, Roc-A-Fella Films, State Property, C. Ronson, Ryan Kenny,Pro-Keds, America Magazine, Tiret Watches, and a non-profitcommunity outreach program called Team Roc.

At 30-years-old, Dash has accomplished morethan some people do in a lifetime. His $350 million businessventures have set him at the top of his industry.

The Rocbox will target the fashion consciousconsumer. In an interview with Sixshot.com, Katie Papoutsis,creative director and designer of the Roc Digital ROCBOX, said”When approaching our first ROCBOX player, it was importantto create a device that — much like the philosophy driving The ROCfamily of brands — emphasized contemporary design andstyle.”

The president of ROC Digital, Shae Hong, saidthat he is not concerned about the success of the Rocbox againstother competitors. In an interview with Reuters, Hong said”We are not trying to be the iPod. In the digital musicplayer market, there was not a brand that focused on the urbandemographic. A lot of people buy products to showcase who they areand the lifestyle they are living.”

Papoutsis also said, “We incorporatedelements of aerospace and automotive technology and combined themwith sleek metals and soft rubber to create a ‘fashionstatement’ that not only appeals to both men and women buthas all the features.”

Dash has taken on a new venture that can onlylead to his further establishing his legacy status.