Designers Get Funkdafied

Ready-to-wear designers mustered up a little 60s and 70s flavorfor their Spring and Fall 2004 collections. The psychedelic spiritwas in the air for creative masterminds like Versace,Emilio Pucci and Marc Jacobs, where yousaw the power of the 60’s culture on accessories, footwear anddashing separates.  

Pucci, a stunning athleticdesigner that launched his sportswear company more than 40 yearsago, is notorious for swirling, vibrant patterns that undeniablydiscovered an enthusiastic crossover audience throughout the Discoera.

Innovative American designer MarcJacobs,

who recently adopted the Louis Vuittoncollection, has been able to maintain the chic nature of the LouisVuitton collection, while designing inventive pieces for his ownsignature assortment of apparel. Jacobs paid tributeto cartoon inspired graphics and animation for the Beatles’ 1968film, Yellow Submarine, when a nostalgic psychedelicaesthetic, carried him into a conventional trend of thought. Jacobsrecently crafted a limited edition pair of canvas, art-filled, bluehigh top sneakers that scream FUNK!!!!

Versace, also got groovy andflashed back to the past with a provocative, psychedelic inspired,spring ad campaign that was full of 60s spirit. His team ofcreative minds, styled cast model Rianne Ten Haken in seductiveVersace pieces and photographed this European beautywith a relaxed, carefree 60’s feel. From her sharp hair cut to herinviting pose, the spring 04′ Versace chic isindulged in a “Funkadelic Provacativity” spirit.

 During the70s creations by designers like Steven Burrowsdressed everyone who possessed the slightest sense of style. Hisfunky, carefree jersey pieces were seen all over fashion magazines,runways and even on the downtown bohemian crowd. Although,designers like Issey Miyake took a Psych trip downmemory lane and revived those geometric patterns, energetic colorsand eclectic pieces that were ever so popular during a time when itwas cool to be extra funky, designers’ like Jonathan Saunders gavethe 70s spirit a slightly modern twist. This Scottish born, Londonbased designer, linked psychedelic with cyber space to digitallyproduce attractive prints that can be seen consistently throughouthis vivacious spring collection.