Did PEPSI can Kanye West?


        The e-mail of Shondell Towns, the self proclaimed boycott organizer, can be seen on every on-line Black news media publication and hip-hop magazine from Detroit to London. The e-mail’s message €” boycott all Pepsi-Cola products.

        After rapper Kanye West’s controversial statement, “Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” aired on NBC’s live concert for hurricane relief many, including Towns, speculated that Pepsi-Cola, the world’s second largest soft drink distributor, would  drop West from its advertising roster.

        Assuming that this action had already taken place, Towns wrote, “If you are like me-just SICK and TIRED of being Black in America and being mishandled, then do something. Here is your opportunity. If they want to drop Kanye, then how about we drop them!”

        Amid Towns’ fervor and venerable effort to rectify an obvious wrong doing, one very important thing was lost: the truth. According to Nicole Bradley, manager of public relations for Pepsi-Cola North America, Pepsi-Cola never severed their ties with the outspoken rapper.

         “There is an erroneous email circulating regarding Kanye West and Pepsi.  The letter says that Kanye has lost his endorsement deal with Pepsi, which is not true, said Bradley, “Our relationship with Kanye has not changed and our marketing campaign is continuing as planned.  In fact, his Pepsi commercial is scheduled to air several times this week and can be found on the Pepsi website-http://www.pepsiworld.com/ads_and_history/index.php"  

        As it stands, West’s 30 second commercial spot, titled "Timeline," directed by Spike Lee and his Pepsi endorsement remain intact.