HU Homecoming’s Fashion Show: A Highlight For Many, A Resounding Success For Others

A model wears a piece at the show. Photo by Savannah Miller, Howard University News Service.

For many students on campus, the annual Homecoming fashion show is the official start of the Homecoming weekend. Although there are events and activities happening all week, it can be difficult to really enjoy them between classes. Due to Yardfest, many professors cancel class on Friday, thus making Thursday the kick-off.

This year’s overall Homecoming theme is “Euphoria”, with the intent of creating a heightened sense of happiness or bliss. However, this year’s fashion show theme was themed “Pages”.

“I named it Pages because everyone here at ‘The Mecca’ is in one big book called Howard University, and even though we are in the same book, we’re all on different ‘pages’ of the book. My vision is dedicated to the many different students and fashion show here at Howard to shows clothing that is relatable to our lifestyle here,” said Indigo Brooks, the fashion show coordinator.

The fashion show is always one of the larger Homecoming festivities. Featuring a number of student designers, it gives them a platform to showcase their talents and businesses to the surrounding community.

In many instances, these designers are overlooked, even when their brands gain notoriety. While students may recognize some of their pieces on campus, many do not recognize the faces behind it.

Designers featured in this year’s show was Tradition, ADW, Bryan Lewin, BOOM the Label, HBIC, Ron David, international fashion house COACH, CiarraMariah, and Project 96.

In addition to designers, the fashion show also featured student models, makeup artists, and hairdressers. Together, they are able to put together a production of their own.

“Being a part of the fashion show is a very exciting experience from a model perspective. It’s definitely a lot of hard work and preparation but being able to contribute to the homecoming experience makes it worth it in the end. Also, it’s great to be able to support and showcase student designers,” said student and model, Mya Christian,a junior marketing major from Columbus, MD.

The team puts in countless hours to make the event happen. “It has been a very humbling experience. I am so grateful to be part of the fashion show for the second time in a row,” said Lisa Martinez, a fashion show staff member.

This year, there was a special model that graced the runway. Ten-year-old Celai West came in from California to model some original pieces for the show. West began modeling at the age of five, and since has modeled for major brands such as Target, Walmart Amazon, Gap and Disney.

To sum up her experience, West said, “This was an amazing experience meeting the student designers and getting to walk in this show. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Cierra Mariah, one of the designers for the fashion show, also pursues business marketing at Howard University. She was happy with the experience.

“I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work at the Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show. It represents a major milestone in my life for my passions to be so embraced by my peers. I am looking forward to reaching even higher achievements,” said Mariah.


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