Howard Homecoming Fashion Show Wows Fans With Diverse Display

By Alexandra Banks and Chelsi Hall, Howard University News Service

Washington DC– “Roots”, this year’s theme for the annual homecoming fashion show, was a jaw-dropping inclusive experience that left the crowd wanting more. Kicking off Homecoming weekend, “Roots” included both luxury brands as well as Howard designers and allowed for the school’s community to “pop-out” (otherwise known as dressing up) in their best outfits to enjoy the fashionable and cultural experience created by chair Madison Brim and her team.

Brim having presented a pre-show production on October 5, “Roots” was a highly anticipated experience amongst the Howard community.

“I think I’m most excited to see my friends walk in the show,” said freshman, Kourtni Stewart. Having seen videos and pictures from last year, Stewart was excited for what “Roots” would be.  

The show opened with a montage of clips from important moments in African American history including a clip of former President Barack Obama and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King. 

 Special guest designer Dapper Dan’s Gucci collection was the first to take the stage quickly assuring the audience of the treat they were in for for the rest of the show. 

Piece by designer Dapper Dan. Photo taken by Alexandra Banks, Howard University News Service.

 The show included a plethora of Howard designers as well as some of the most popular brands including Miss Wanda, Mind of Kye, Row David, HHouse of 444, Kaloz, Disciples, Macy’s, Bryan Lewin, Happy Days Never Frown, EPU, Walker Wear, Cam’s Clothes, Adidas, and Champion as well as special guest performances from rappers Niko Brim and Kai cash of CYN musical group. 

 Outside of the luxury designer headlining the show, “Roots” embodied the very essence of Howard’s fashion-forward and ground-breaking nature. The show took the audience through a non-stop journey of bold prints, colors, and designs. Aside from the crowd roaring designs seen on stage, the Howard University Undergraduate Student Assembly’s official DJ, DJ Magic, had the crowd hyped through the entire event. 

Piece by designer Javari Miller of HHouse of 444. Photo taken by Alexandra Banks.

 Another impressive feature of the show was how inclusive the designs were in every set. There was a representation of almost every body type, gender-fluid clothing, and designs. “Roots” allowed audience members to see themselves within each model which is a change from the typical expectation of high fashion runway models.

“Through our diversity, there is tremendous strength,” said Brim.

 At the close of the show Brim delivered a heartwarming speech to attendees in a fiery brown and orange MCM jumpsuit.

Not only did “Roots” embody the very essence of Howard’s thought-provoking and innovative thinking but it also represented this year’s homecoming theme of “Forward” by raising the bar for future fashion shows to come.