Howard Sports Legend To Retire After Three Decades

For over 30 years, Edward Hill Jr., Howard Universities’ Sports and Information Director has been the backbone of the athletic department.  

Photo by Tiffany Hoyd- Edward Hill Jr. with his awards at the 2017 Pigskin Awards.

Hill, who is the longest serving sports and information director in the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference’s (MEAC) history, is transitioning to the world of retirement after 33 years of service. Hill's last day of work is in July. 

Hill said he owes his start at Howard University to the school’s former Sports and Information Director (SID) Ricky Clemens.

“Clemens was my mentor at the Washington Post and asked me to come to Howard to be assistant SID, and a little while later he went on to work for the Olympics and decided I should remain SID,” he said.

Before coming to Howard, Hill was a sports journalist.

“I was with the Washington Post, Winston Salem Chronicles and writing for various other publications… I kind of found my niche at Howard and have been here ever since,” Hill said.

Hill describes himself and his niche as being a, "communicator, journalist, and communications professional by trade.”

Hill is known on Howard’s campus for being a mentor and youth advocate.

One of Hill’s mentees, Michael Lindo is now a sports marketing consultant for Under Armor. He credits Hill with helping himself and others to realize their potential.

“I believe Mr. Hill believes his purpose is to help others, and share what he knows with others. He is a connector,” he said.

Lindo goes on to describe Hill as a legend.

“Mr. Hill is a person that is completely selfless, and has the respect of so many others, his humility is unmatched. A person that helps the people around him get to a point of success,” he said.  

Hill’s list of mentees is long and full of big names, such as: Chuck Walton, the voice of the Golden State Warriors, and a ESPN, TMZ, and NFL Network correspondent, Alexia Grevious former corporate communications manager for the Washington Redskins, and current senior manager of marketing and communications at Magic Johnson Enterprises, Tiffany White of the Los Angeles Rams among many others.

Photo by Tiffany Hoyd: Edward Hill Jr. accepts congratulations from well wishers at a
farewell event for him  held in February.

Hill in his career has also tried to ensure that more women are involved in the world of sports.

“I noticed sometime ago that there were talented young Black women that were not included as candidates for various positions. I recall someone telling me that, ‘The way you can tell a game is well officiated, is when you don’t notice the stripes,’ this is how job selections should be right?”

Trevin A. Jones, a colleague of Hill and sports anchor for Sheridan Broadcasting Network said that Hill’s presence and influence will be missed when he is gone.

“You always miss your shine, when you lose a gem or a diamond. A little shine will come off Howard, no offense,” he said.  

Hill reported to his last game for MEAC basketball on February 27th. That day was referred to as,“Mr. Hill Day.” Hundreds turned out to celebrate his time at Howard and offered glowing tributes

 “I realized a long time ago that God gave me some gifts, and the way I show gratitude is by doing for others,” Hill said as he contemplated on his time.