Howard Students Honor Victims of Hurricane Harvey at Vigil

As the country continues to assess the impact of Hurricane Harvey, which has caused extensive damage in Houston, members of Howard University’s Lousiana and Texas clubs gathered yesterday in the Carnegie building on the school’s main campus to create an action plan to help victims of the hurricane.

The students also gathered to honor the victims and mark the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina at the vigil.


“It’s important for the Howard University Louisiana Club to be a front runner in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts because during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Houston and Texas as a whole helped so many of us,” said Azore. “We are working closely with the Texas Club to aid them in any way possible, but most significantly in support of their relief drive.”

Dr. Bernard Richardson, Dean of the Chapel, briefly spoke with students and confirmed that Howard would be providing assistance to victims in Houston.

“These are issues that are so critical,” he said. “I want [students] to take the lead. I want you to really think about how you can impact and help.”

Although they are far from home during this tragic time, Houston natives at Howard are working diligently to provide long-distance support and care to their hometown.

“As a native Houstonian, I have been blessed to find support and prayers in people I had no idea were in my network,” said Catelin Dunn, a junior from Houston.

“Now that I am assured that my family is okay, my deepest concern is banding the efforts of every club and university organization working autonomously together with our efforts as a state club.”

Dunn insists that Texas students are responsible for leading Houston relief efforts on Howard’s campus, and will purposefully take steps to help their city during its time of need.

“As unfortunate and shocking as it is for us, we are closest to the problem.”