J. Lo Does Runway for New Clothing Line

With diamond-studded jeans and spaceship-sized mink fedora hats, Jennifer Lopez has showed her “Sweetface” during her first runway show at New York’s Olympus Fashion Week.

“This is going to sound [silly], but I’ve had a passion for fashion for so long,” Lopez told MTV about her other talent and interest. “It’s kind of almost extracurricular, but not exactly, because the fact that I took it on means that I have to do it well.”

Lopez’s new collection entitled, Sweetface, was inspired by Lopez’s personal style and glamour. Upstaging her more practical J.Lo, by Jennifer Lopez line, Sweetface eludes drama and trend. Models strutted down the runway with mink hot pants, silk pieces, and baby-doll dresses all while the beats of artists like Janet Jackson, Linkin Park, and Lopez played in the background.

Vogue editor, Andre Leon Talley reported that the show was indeed a reflection of Jennifer Lopez.

“I loved it,” Talley said. “It was fabulous. Everything was relevant because it looked like her.”

Like Lopez, other performers and entertainers are eager to win success in the fashion industry. Pharell Williams, of music group, The Neptunes, recently opened his first store in New York, showcasing his Bathing Ape line. Alongside Williams, front-woman of rock group No Doubt, Gwen Stefani released her L.A.M.B. (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) line last year in hopes for equal conquest.

Jennifer Lopez’s J.Lo line has had major success since its launch in late 2001. Being the number one company in junior sportswear apparel and adorned as one of Oprah’s favorite things, it has made stiff competition for the new line. Along with Lopez, Andy Hilfiger leads as CEO of Sweetface and the J.Lo line.

“It has to be right," Lopez said to MTV. "I’ve wanted for so long to make J.Lo a brand above and beyond who I am as a person. Make it a real clothing company, a real lifestyle brand that stands for quality, style, fashion; that is beyond trend, which is something that just lives on and on. Forget what everyone else thinks. I just want it to be done right.”

Many students seem to be interested as well in the new line. Alicia Weaver a sophomore business major at Florida A&M University said she has always been a big fan of Lopez’s work.

“I like her style,” Weaver said. ”She is a fashion icon and she always makes good fashion decisions. I can’t wait to make a purchase.”

Pearl Plumboy, a sophomore Legal Communications major at Howard University agrees.

“I love that entertainers take chances in other industries,” Plumboy said. “Jennifer Lopez is one performer that has and will have equal success. She tries new things and you have to respect her for that.”