Lowe’s Store Planned for Fort Lincoln

A year and a half after wholesaler Costco opened its doors to consumers, the developers of The Shops at Dakota Crossing have decided to add a second anchor to the shopping center in Northeast Washington.

A 28,600 sqare foot Marshall’s has been proposed for the site at Fort Lincoln as well as a second, larger store proposed at 55,000 square feet, according to the site’s developers. Those two commercial additions will join the 334 new townhomes that surround the development at New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road NE.

There are more than 1,000 more residential units planned to come to Dakota Crossing to be completed by summer 2015.

“It is meant to be a living and shopping center for those who want the convenience of living in the suburbs, but are not ready to leave the excitement of the city behind,” said Kristen Braun, an associate at CBRE, the broker working to fill the proposed retail lots at the Shops at Dakota Crossing.

However, the traffic problems are causing some headaches.

“The area calls for added lights, more lanes. This was one of the major concerns for residents. The traffic impacts us more than anybody. We live here,” says Robert “Bob” King, an advisory neighborhood commissioner in Ward Five near the Fort Lincoln development..

“It’s very painful for some of my constituents. We had to readjust traffic so residents could get in their homes.” he adds. “No development comes without some adverse effects.”

King says that the additions to the development will add tax revenue and over 1,200 jobs to the city.

The developer declined to identify retailers that would fill the three new shops at the site, but did confirm an agreement with Lowes Inc.