New Cars for 2008

Innovative, revolutionary, technology! That’s what these brand new cars for 2008 scream. Honestly what do we all look for in a car? Speed, sound, alarm systems, comfort, and life expectancy. The Audi R8, BMW 1 Series Coupe, and Doge Viper SRT10 will definitely be hot commodities for 2008. Each one has distinctive flair and design and captures the attention of any passersby. If you want to keep up with the “Joneses”, these cars will blow your neighbors away with these newly found favorites for 2008.

The Audi R8 became available this past September. Its top speed is 187 mph with acceleration at 4.4 seconds. It holds about 23.8 gallons so it is not necessarily fuel efficient but it you are the racer type, then this is the car for you. Another feature is its advanced anti-theft vehicle alarm system. There is a theft deterrent light in the driver’s door and an immobilizer that prevents the engine from running when the key and electronic code is not used. As far as comfort is concerned, it is equipped with Alcantara leather sports seats that have three adjustable heat settings. This leather is a suede-like fabric that is soft to the touch, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The seats have a memory function that provides better support for the shoulders. For safety measures, there are reinforced bumpers and side airbags for the front seats. All front seat versions in the Audi R8 have crash-activated head restraints to prevent neck injuries. The sound is also impeccable with the Audi Symphony AM/FM stereo with in-dash six disc CD changer and SIRIUS satellite radio.

The BMW 1 Series. One word to describe this car. Intensity. This car is a high performance compact coupe that is stylish and distinctive. It has the latest high performance technology with a choice of the new twin-turbo six-cylinder or four-cylinder diesel engine. The BMW Series 1 is in three different styles such as the three-door, coupe’, and five door.

BMW Efficient Dynamics help reduce fuel consumption. It is one of the first BMW’s to offer the new Auto Start/Stop function and Brake Energy Regeneration. This Start/Stop button brings this car to life with just a light touch of the accelerator. The Brake Force display is a dual-stage brake light system. Drivers can understand and react accordingly. Another smart feature is the optimal comfort access system. The ID transmitter sends out a recognition signal so the doors open automatically as soon as you make contact with the door handle, therefore, it eliminates the need for an ignition key. The HiFi loudspeaker system has 10 speakers, three BMW radios, CD changer, and MD player. Just like the Lexus ES’s Intuitive Parking Assist, BMW has the Park Distance Control that makes parking easy while also maneuver through small, narrow spaces. A visual signal is also displayed on the navigation’s systems monitor.

Next is the Dodge Viper SRT 10. The Viper SRT10 goes above and beyond of what performance aficionados represent: efficient power, world-class handling, and bold exterior. The best feature on this car is its standout power train. This car boasts an 8.4 liter and V-10 aluminum engine that extracts 600 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque. Tubular air-gap headers improve exhaust flow and emission control. The Viper SRT10 has a race-inspired interior with four wheel suspension and high performance aluminum control arms and knuckles. The hood is more dramatic that allows air induction and larger, functional hood louvers facilitate a cooling effect for the engine. The interior is equipped with a highly functional instrument panel.

These are the hottest cars for this year so even if you do not have the funds, it would still be fun to test drive one of these today.