Physical Education Class…Online


Imagine taking a Physical Education (PE) course without having to go to the locker room, or having to shower in front of people.  Imagine being able to count your karate, yoga or equestrian class as PE credit.  High school students in Minneapolis now have that option.  The Minneapolis school system has created a PE class that will make many students dreams come true- it’s online.


The school system allows high school students to choose a physical activity they enjoy to do for 30 minutes three times a week on his or her own time.  They must keep an online journal.  A parent or coach must confirm the student completed the activities, and there is a fitness test at the end of the semester.


Josh Boucher, a student enrolled in the online PE class told the Associated Press, “It’s time-consuming. We had hours of written work where we were learning about fitness and how to better our lives.  More than I’d ever had in gym class.”


The teachers stay in contact with the students by email and phone.  They also meet with the students face-to-face at least twice, once in the beginning of the semester and once at the end for fitness testing.


However, some college students are a little skeptical.


“I’m not sure that would work in college,” said Harmony Gaings, a freshman at Howard University. " We’re just too lazy and there isn’t anyone to check up on us to see if we actually did what we’re supposed to do. But I like that they get to pick what they want to do.”


Gaings’ roommate, Stacy Allen agrees, “With no supervision college students won’t do it, but if there was a way students could check in with the professor, it would be a great idea to do here."


“I hate PE classes because they are a big hassle. [After class] you have to take a shower there or try to rush back to the dorm; shower and change, redo your hair and makeup and try make it to your next class on time.  It’s ridiculous,” she said.