R. Kelly Loses Bid to Declare Child Pornography Statute

R&B star R. Kelly attempted to get an Illinois law declared unconstitutional last month in relation to his child-pornography suit.

Kelly says that it was constitutional to bring charges against him because of the broadness of the pornography statute. His defense attempted to make the argument that since sex with a 17-year-old was permissible, then it should not be illegal to take pornographic pictures of 17 year-olds.

This comes as the latest defense for Kelly as he and his team have been trying to find loopholes in the charges against Kelly. Seven of the 21 counts of child pornography against Kelly were dropped in February on a technicality.

Many students feel that even though R. Kelly is still being prosecuted for the charges, that he does not outwardly appear to be suffering the consequences of his alleged actions.

“It never ceases to amaze me that every time R. Kelly releases a single or an album, millions of people support it completely disregarding everything that he does in his personal life,” said Georgia Southern

political science student Rita Sarpong. “Don’t get me wrong, he makes great music, but he’s still a pedophile. We all saw the tape and

I almost feel like by supporting his music, you’re supporting him as a person, which is not right. He’s not even taking responsibility for his actions and his fans are condoning it.”

Still others do not believe his personal life should influence his career.

“R.Kelly makes amazing music, period. I’m not going to stop buying his, Michael Jackson or anyone else who gets in trouble with the

law’s music based wholly on the things that they choose to do with their personal time,” said junior Howard business student Scott Holland. “Plus, no one has been convicted yet. As long as no one is singing about under age sex and molestation, everything is fine.”