REACTION to Obama’s Win

Sophie (wishes not to use last name), 32, Washington- “I voted for Obama so I was thrilled,” Sophie said. “I was glued to the television at a viewing party with tons of other Obama supporters.” She has family in France and a British fiance. “Americans don’t quite realize the impact our goverment has on other countries.” barcqs@gmail.com

Kirk Matelyan, 30, Maryland- “I am actually very pleased that it happened,” Matelyan said. “It means a singing of the pendelum for our country.” “Which way it wil go is unknown because of Obama’s lack of expeierence but this is a good thing.” Matelyan is a veteran Marine of Desert Storm and has several expectations for President Elect Obama. “I want him to fix the financial status of the economy, bring back my brother who is in Iraq and refocus on our own country before we start expanding on other countries.”

Karlton Garner,37, “Obama’s victory has not yet settled in with me,” Garner said. “Hopefully Obama will get us better jobs, economy, and focus in on issues of minorities.” “As a black man this means to me, maybe we will have a better life now.” 202-291-8176

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——–Here are reaction quotes from three different people. If this is not what you wanted I will re-send others, I’m waiting for a few calls backs one from the communications director of the College Repulicans National Committee. I will send that over her response if you’d like. “It finally has happened… It’s time for a change. It’s time to get another race in there, someone who can do the job.” “This is really exciting because this is a change. This goes down in history.” “We’ve (African Americans) come a long way, from the boat to the cotton field from slavery and lynching to the White House.” “Through the struggle we have succeeded!” Linda Cann, 65937-689-9960 The following two people were cafeteria workers and did not give out their numbers. The Bethune Annex telephone number (where they work) is 202 -806-6001: “Obama allows us to look at our kids and tell them they can be anything they want to be.”

“Bush messed it up so bad they didn’t want to have another white man in the White House.” “I expect change.” Jermaine Bell, 34 “I feel good. It was history in the making.” “He’s got to take his time; he can’t do it all overnight.” Gregory Wood, 38

from Sarah Carnes

—————–“it was wonderful””it is different” ‘It is change ”– Anthony 31,policeman”it’s wonderful””I felt real good'”i know he would win”– Sharon Taylor Regnald Johonson,51, Custodian 202-957-6615″i feel like it’s a new day”” to be 51 and see this happen”‘”anything can happen”

from Dean Watkins———————-

“It’s history. We made history. It feel great because I voted and I had my say.” Randy Shengler, 46 301 420 7536

“I feel great. I feel fantastic. Mainly because my parents are still living and we never thought they’d be able to see history.” Jean Perry, 55 202 806 5990

“The best experience for such a historic moment. I’m elated!” – In reaction to last night’s election party. Tonya Guillory, 37202 806 5990

— Eunique M. Hansel, Recording Secretary48th Administration Howard University Student AssociationB.A. Candidate 2011


“I feel good . It has been a triumphant day. We made history. This is a mark day in history we have come so far.” -Tomeji Miller(214)-924-1296″It is a historic moment. How exciting it is to see our first black president. Change is here in the hands of the steady leader.” “He has hard hard challenges in front of him and we now that. He will have good people in his cabinet and also in the support roles that the candidates always need.” -Lorraine Zito(202)-362-9634 “Never better, It’s so many emotions elated and vindicated because we have been working since civil rights. I feel emotionally and hopefully. I hope some of those people who were hating will sit down and listen. Right guy right place right time.” -Charlie Zito(202)-362-9634 I am in Professor Ron Harris Journalism class. Thank you,

— Rodney W. Hawkins IIChairmanConstitutional Review CommitteeHoward University Student Association


La’Mont Williams


(773)-332-7151 “I was very amazed and I was proud that we elected the first African-American president.”

“There are a lot of angry white people in American right now, including many in my school” {Upper Iowa University}

“He not only won the Electoral votes by a landslide but he also dominated the popular vote so Obama won the white house legitimately on both accounts.”

“Towards the end of the campaign, I think McCain realized that Obama was the right man to bring about change. I saw it in his concession speech.”

“I just hope McCain and the rest of the Republicans don’t make it very hard for Obama to serve successful terms.”

“McCain realized that change is going to come whether he is in the white house or not so I even though he is bitter right now from losing, I think he knows Obama is a better candidate for the job.”

Wyckham Avery



“I was ectastic.” “I cheered in the streets all night.”

“I was hopeful that Obama would win.”

“I think Obama will do a great job.”

“It is excited to be part of something that will change the global standing in the world.”

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Question: What was your reaction to the election result?

“Elation,” Ernie Talbert, 26, said. “After watching him try, regardless of him black or white, people were looking past rumors spread about him. They chose the better candidate.”302 – 354 – 7492

“I was happy about it,” Henry Willoughby, 24, said. “I think it is headed into more of an equal opportunity for everyone in America.”205 – 305 – 9436

“I think this is surreal,” Lorie Jackson, 28 said. ” I never thought I would see a black president in my lifetime. It’s great to be a part of history and to see history being made.”202 – 232 – 2897

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Reaction quotes to Obama’s victory: 1. Delores Burgess, 70 Democrat, retired federal governor worker “For me, it is history, he fought a hard fight and overcame the odds,” Burgess said. “When he first started running it was frightening, it gave me a big jolt”. 202-484-8061 2. Jeff Gannon, 51 Republican, journalist “Well it certainly is the beginning of a new era in politics,” Gannon said. “This is an opportunity to put to rest divisions that have been apart of an ugly heritage of racial division,” Gannon said. “Hopefully this can put to rest some ghosts that haunted us for many years”. “Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream came true that America will be colorblind and a man is judged by his intellect, and not the color of his skin,” Gannon said. “Obama being president says a lot of good things about the U.S.,” Gannon said. “This was a significant election in many ways”. 202-409-3850

from Shakira Thomas



Virginia Willis, 43 (Washington, DC) 202-375-3743

“It is overwhelming, it was just a blessing.”

“Just seeing everyone come together as one was just heartwarming, amazing.”

“I fell on my knees and immediately started to pray. To thank god. Just thinking about a lot of people. I lost my son in 2000, my mother and my grandmother were not here to see that take place. What they said would never happen; to see the first black president.”

“People can fake happiness, and what I saw last night was real.”

“It was a blessing to see the young people who didn’t even know how to vote showing support. There was an 18-year-old man at the polls and he didn’t know how to vote, but there was a woman there showing him how to do it. He took his own time, and he was happy when he did it.”

Lazina Merritt, 47 (Washington, DC) 202-290-9064

“We need to get to working and put America back on focus; just make it the way it’s supposed to be.”

“I watched his speech, his speech was awesome. It was awesome seeing Barack Obama the first black president of the United States.”

“On January 20th it’s also going to be awesome seeing him in the white house.”

“I know all of us are going to be down near the capital. The only thing I can tell the D.C. police is to be prepared.”

Nathaniel Wallace, 57 (Washington, DC) 202-213-4265

“It was a blessing.”

“What I did was pray.”

“I had no doubts. They got the right man for the job, ask Hilary she can tell you.”

“The future has already started. Change. When you changed the president, the change would begin.”

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