Snows Blows In With a Roar

March blew in like a lion on Monday, bringing 4 to 8 inches of snow into the District and surrounding areas, forcing residents to pull out their long johns and put on earmuffs to take on Jack Frost.

 The unseasonably cold and snowy weather was unusual for the region, which typically experiences winter temperatures ranging from 33 to 55 degrees, and occasional freezing rain.

Although many in Maryland and Virginia had the day off, others like bank teller Brittany Garner did not. Struggling to get to her job at Bank of America, Garner, originally from Cleveland, said she is not accustomed to so much snow here. “I tried to take a cab, but they told me it was a two-hour wait,” she said. Instead, Garner boarded the bus, which she had to abandon when it got stuck in snow.

Eventually she walked through the snow to the nearest Metro. Not everyone was upset about the white haze. Samuel Gram, who works in home improvement, said that he loves the snow. “You can still get around; just be careful and drive slowly,” he said.

 Caroline Prow had mixed feelings about snowstorm as she watched her 4-year-old daughter attempt to make a snowball. ” I love the snow because I can take my kids out to play in it,” she said, “but I hate it because I have to get them ready to go out in play in it.” Prow said pure white snow is beautiful, but then it gets dirty.

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