Solo? Valentine’s Day for the Singles

It’s Valentine’s Day and by the time you read this, chances are you’ve seen a plethora of Valentine’s Day propaganda from balloons and flowers to cakes and chocolates.  And that’s all fine and dandy if you’re in a relationship or you have someone to share in the special moments.

But if you’re single, this could quite possibly be one of the longest 24 hours of torment you’ll endure.  But cheer up. Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the couples.  Single people have flipped it and made it work for them.  It just takes a little bit of open-mindedness and some optimism on your part. 

Here are three suggestions to make the day go by faster and to make you feel good in the process:

Treat yourself.

Pamper yourself to the extreme.  Buy that cute outfit that you’ve had your eye on for the past few weeks, those rare pair of shoes you’ve always wanted or take the time to get a relaxing and soothing body massage.

While you’re at it, treat yourself to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Dress up and go.  There’s nothing more relaxing and confidence-building than dining out alone.  You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about yourself when it’s just you and if you’re not quite up to dining alone, find some single friends to dine with you.

Have a Singles Get-Together

Plan a singles rendezvous with a group of single friends.  Whether it’s taking a field trip to the movies or meeting at a friend’s house for a social gathering, do something out of the ordinary, perhaps throwing a singles party where the idea is to bond and eliminate the cliche of Valentine’s Day. 

It’s also a good idea to spend time with your loved ones.  "Aside from people getting emotional and mushy, it’s just another day for me," says Kristen Palmer, a communications major at HowardUniversity.  "I’ll go to class and spend time with my son.  Everything will return to normal on the 15th."

Make Money.

My personal favorite.  Nothing puts a wandering mind and lonely heart at ease more than ‘getting your grind on.’  Who has time to think about Valentine’s Day when you’re making money and being productive? 

Don’t have a job?  Volunteer at a local shelter, help needy children or assist the elderly.  ”I work with the elderly in a residential setting,” said Tonya Davis, who’s studying to get her Masters in Social Work at the University of Maryland.  “I love my ladies and they are really sweet.  It makes me feel good to know that I’m making a difference in their lives.”