Stevie Wonder’s Time to Love


        Fans of the soulful Stevie Wonder want to know “What The Fuss” is all about.  After a ten year hiatus, Wonder has released his new album, “A Time to Love.”


Fans have anxiously awaited another album since 1995’s “Conversation Peace.”  Wonder brought his trusty harmonica and his daughter Aisha Morris to the new CD along with neo-soul sensation India Arie.


His single “What The Fuss” has been circulating the airwaves for a few months now, leaving fans wondering when his album would actually come out. Less than a month ago, Wonder’s presence was felt again. His latest CD was released on Oct. 18.


Slow songs like “Moon Blue” and “How Will I Know,” take the listener back to the days of “Mi Cherie Amor,” with Wonder’s sultry voice echoing over the piano chords.


On the more funky and up-tempo tracks like “Sweetest Thing I Know,” “Your Love Cannot Be Moved” and the current single “So What the Fuss” Wonder caters to fans who are ready to hit the dance floor.


The 15-track album provides everything from romantic ballads to the music to play in your car.  Wonder clearly took his time on this one to provide an array of sounds for his diverse audience. He worked with beat boxer Doug E. Fresh on “If Your Love Cannot Be Moved,” bridging the hip-hop and soul generation gap. 


            His thought-provoking lyrics and authentic instruments make a nice alternative to the synthesized sounds of many R/B CDs.  Wonder’s new record is primarily slow tracks which can begin to sound the same toward the end of the CD. 


 It is both a gift and curse to have such a mellow CD with few guest appearances because listeners might get bored.  However, if Stevie Wonder is what the fans anticipate, that is exactly what they will get.