The Best Summer Garden: Plants Beat the Heat

The summer has only begun to see the worst of the sweltering heat. Those who have gardens are a little discouraged because their plants may be suffering. It is a good thing to know that there are some flowers that will stay colorful and vibrant during the summer. For example, Larkspur is a great flower that ranges from wonderful shades of blue, lilac, white, rose, and pink and encourages variety among garden lovers. Some other good plants are that can take the heat are sunflower, globe mallow, lantana, and yellow bells.

To have the best summer garden ever, here are some things to remember so you and your family can enjoy it. Increase the watering of your plants to at least twice a week. Watering deeply in the morning is encouraged instead of the heat of the day because not watering enough will cause roots to stay near the surface making them more prone to heat. It also can cause the growth of fungal diseases and of course water can evaporate leaving the plants sunburned. An inch of water a week is a good rule of thumb. For heat-sensitive plants, try to provide shade in the afternoon. And lastly, it is best to remove all flowers that are finished. If you allow them to produce seed pods that plant will not be able to produce anymore flowers. Follows these tips and you will have a productive and well established garden.