They Out Here Killing Black Men

Tears and cries roared from those who crowded outside the Queen’s Courtroom this morning where the verdict of the detectives involved in the murder of Sean Bell was set. Three NYC Police officers have been acquitted of charges in relations of the November 2006 fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man Sean Bell on night before his wedding. Sean Bell, 23, was fatally shot along with two other friends who survive outside of a Queen’s Strip club after his bachelor party. The Black community in NYC has been enraged from the incident. Many are disturbed with the 50 bullets were shot at Bell, leading to his death. Tania Peterson was one of the onlookers outside of the Queens courthouse today to hear the verdict of the cops charged. “Those cops were trigger happy. Fifty bullets for an unarmed man! That’s crazy. This system is truly ****** up. There just out here killing our men! Killing a black man is justified today by a badge in New York.” Peterson said.

According to the defense attorney of the case the three detectives, Mike Oliver, Marc Cooper, and Gescard Isnora (the three officers involved, waived their right to a jury trial and decided to have the judge decide their fate. Defense lawyers said,” Jurors in the borough of Queens were likely to be biased against the policemen due to the intense media coverage the case has generated.” This morning state Supreme Court Judge Arthur Cooperman said,” The charges could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.” Cooperman found all three officers not guilty on all charges.

Christian Thomas, Queens NY,” No Justice, No Peace, that’s all I got to say. I got to get out of here! I’m not scared of the street any more, I got watch my back with these boys in blue.” The two month trial was held to prove if the detectives had reason to believe they faced imminent danger and whether they made it clear to Mr. Bell and the two survivors that they were police. Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a statement immediately after the outcome, saying,” There were no winners in the trial, given the loss to Bell’s family and fiancée.”