This Season, Go For The Glow

With the winter months waning and warm weather on the forecast, more and more students are starting to linger on the yard and show off the latest styles. Toes are peeking out and hems are rising, but this season’s hottest accessory, clear, glowing skin is the key to pulling off any of these looks.

The “bronze” look is the perfect compliment to any ensemble and it only takes a few quick steps to achieve. One of the first steps to maintaining a healthy glow this season is exfoliating away all of that dry winter skin.

A relatively new method includes microdemabrasion, a process that rejuvenates the skin by using aluminum oxide crystals to remove dead skin cells. This new procedure has become ubiquitous, and there are higher-end to more affordable offerings for what used to be a dermatologist’s procedure. Origins Modern Friction is an inexpensive at home option. The process is simple and the results are amazing; dry uneven skin gives way to a healthy even complexion.

Once a fresh palate is created, its time to moisturize.  Brands like Jergens, Neutrogena, Vaseline and others have introduced these lotions, many containing the word “glow” within the label. Some, like the Jergens Natural Glow line, contain a self-tanner. Women of color should stick with lightly-tinted lotions that contain a light shimmer and essential oils. These products are good for skin that is transitioning from the paleness and "ashiness" that often comes with the cold winter months. This is a quick way to fake a “fresh from spring break” look, even if haven’t yet made it to the beach.

Make up trends for this season emphasizes the glowing skin trend by playing up a “bronzed goddess” aesthetic. The look is light, shimmery, and natural. Ditch the blush and heavy concealers and opt for a tinted moisturizer.

The matte burgundy and berry colored lipsticks should be put away until fall, instead keep it light with a moisturizing lip-gloss. Brands like MAC, a favorite among Howard University students, and NARS have a smorgasbord of glosses in colors that help compliment warmer skin tones. And to those ladies who only speak MAC, think “Oh Baby," but be adventurous and try something new.

The main thing to remember for spring and summer is to keep it natural, moisturize, and go for the glow. For some that means slathering themselves in Vaseline and heading on the yard, but remember that beautiful skin starts from within — drink plenty of water and maintain a balanced diet with lots of fruits and raw vegetables.