War on Terrorism Timeline

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to keep up with the United States occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq, blackcollegeview.com thought we’d provide this timeline of events. Though every battle was not included, there is enough to get the general idea of what happened in 2001 through 2003. 


September 11: Taliban attacks Twin Towers 

September 15: Bush declares war; viewing Osama Bin Laden as the main enemy. 

October 7: United States begins military strike in Kabul 

October 24: 107th Congress passes USA Patriot Act


According to the Department of Justice website, under the Patriot Act, 372 individuals have been criminally charged in the United States in terrorism investigations; 194 have been convicted or have pled guilty in the United States, including shoe-bomber Richard Reid and "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh. Over 515 individuals linked to the September 11th investigation have been removed from the United States 

October 27: United States jets bombard Taliban front line 

October 29: US bombs Bin Laden hide-outs 

November 1: Bin Laden calls Pakistanis to arms 

November 8: Japanese Navy joins coalition 

November 12: Alliance moves in abandoned Kabul; Taliban have withdrawn 

November 19: Four journalists killed

The four journalists were identified as Maria Grazia Cutuli, of Corriere della Sera, a Milan newspaper; Harry Burton, an Australian television cameraman, Azizullah Haidari, an Afghan-born photographer, which the Reuters news agency identified as two of its employees and Julio Fuentes for El Mundo of Madrid, Spain. 

November 24: Top Taliban commander surrenders 

November 28: CIA officer killed 

December 6: Kandahar fell causing the Taliban to lose a last major stronghold 

December 26: New Bin Laden broadcast by Jazeera


January 3: Taliban prisoners are released from Kabul prison 

January 11: Afghan captives start detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

February 6: American Taliban indicted

John Walker Lindh has been formally indicted on 10 charges of conspiring with the Taliban to kill Americans. “It is extraordinary for the United States to have to charge one of its own citizens with aiding and conspiring with international terrorist groups whose agenda is to kill Americans,” John Ashcroft, Attorney General said in a press conference. 

February 8: Taliban foreign minister surrenders 

March 7: Battle for al-Qaeda stronghold

May 16: Daniel Pearl’s Body is Found

Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in April on his way to interview a Muslim fundamentalist leader in Pakistan, and was killed by his abductors. The Wall Street Journal called his murder an “act of barbarism.” 

July 3: Saddam Hussein’s stepson is arrested in Florida 

July 15: John Walker Lindh pleaded guilty to two charges 

July 31: Senate debates Iraq war fears 

September 12: Bush says U.S. will move on Iraq if U.N. does not

September 13: Ramzi Binalshibh is arrested in Pakistan for allegedly planning 9/11 attacks 

October 4: John Walker Lindh sentenced to 20 years 

October 8: U.S. Marines are attacked at Kuwait 

November 8: Interpol warns that Bin Laden is still alive and that al Qaeda is preparing simultaneous attacks in several countries 


March 1: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is arrested; Mohammed is believed to be a key planner of the 9/11 and several al Qaeda attacks in the last 10 years. 

March 19: U.S. troops launch a terrorist-seeking raid in Afghanistan villages

On March 19th President George Bush said in a television address that “the United States and its allies had launched a campaign to oust Saddam Hussein from Iraq and ‘free its people.’”  

July 18: Guantanamo detainees return home 

August 31: American soldiers killed on combat mission 

November 10: 16 Afghan war detainees claim that they were being held illegally; Guantanamo cases go to top court 

November 21: US issues fresh al-Qaeda warning

December 15: Saddam Caught

CNN reports: Across the Tigris River from his opulent palaces, Saddam Hussein shuttered himself at the bottom of a narrow, dark hole beneath a two-room mud shack on a sheep farm, a U.S. military official said.