Food and Friends Helps HIV/AIDS Patients

Cooking Tasty Food for the People They Love


Food and Friends Helps HIV/AIDS Patients

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ReporterIn 1988 the world health organization declared December first to be World Aids Day.


That same year, food and friends delivered their first meal.

Tim Devine


Pastry Chef

“In the community we were loosing so many men from AIDs to I wanted to give back. I had a lot of friends who passed away many years ago and this was my call to give back.”
ReporterTwenty-six years later, the home-visiting service  has provided more than 17 million  free meals and reached over 25,000 children and adults living with hiv/ aids, cancer and other critical illnesses.
Tim Devine


Pastry Chef

“Besides the regular meals, I think we have over 15 diets. It goes anywhere from diabetic to reno so it depends on what the illness is so we do cope with what they have as far as the nutritionist part of it goes.”
ReporterHere at the Food and Friends kitchen, volunteers like Vanessa over here are helping to prepare thirty-five hundred Thanksgiving meals to be served on Thanksgiving day.
Mark Locraft


Executive Chef

“We get everything prepared. The twelve pound turkey, cranberry sauces, green beans,  buttered corn, collard greens, cornbread stuffing, gravy, two different pies, glazed sweet potatoes, roasted red potatoes and a partridge in a pear tree.
Reporter Helping to make all of this happen are people like debby greenstein.  She’s been volunteering with food and friends for twenty one years… and is just one of ten thousand volunteers who support the non-profit organization each year.
Debby Greenstein



“People who need food get food tomorrow and that’s very satisfying and quite honestly, it’s a lot of fun”
Leamon Turner



“I’ve working in a lot of environment and kitchens where I’ve had to push my own staff to work, but the volunteers come here and they’ll literally take over the kitchen if you let them.”
Reporter And on this day, Food and Friends even received a helping hand from Mayor Vincent Grey.


In Northeast Washington, Kofo Lasaki, BJ II