Vintage Clothes Make New Fashion Statement


From high-waist jeans to Marilyn Monroe inspired dresses, vintage clothing proves that trends never disappear, but instead resurface over time.

Wearing vintage clothing is a fashion statement, which celebrities, socialites and ordinary people flock to resale shops for.  They even make excellent gifts for the holidays since they are inexpensive, creative and rare.

“I enjoy shopping at thrift stores because I know that I will get exclusive articles of clothing,” Shayna Bailey, a sophomore fashion merchandising major, said. “If someone gave me a gift from a vintage store I would think that the person knows me well and is pretty stylish themselves since all the celebs are doing it.”

Vintage clothing can be any piece of clothing manufactured more than 10 years ago. When shopping for these items, however, it is important to take your time to shop in order to sort through hundreds of original pieces.

“In my opinion fashion repeats itself. Things that went out of style 20 years ago are now the latest trends,” Kenalia Harris, a sophomore sports medicine major, said. “Vintage stores allow you to not only find great clothes but great deals as well.”

Some tips when shopping for vintage clothing are to try things on and know your measurements. Dimensions are not consistent throughout every decade; therefore, sizes on labels of vintage clothes have no correlation to the sizes of today’s clothing.

When shopping at the store, dressing in layers makes it easier and faster to try on clothing. Wearing a leotard, leggings or tank top under your clothing makes it possible to try on clothes even if there is no fitting room. This comes especially handy at flea markets and garage sales.

Once you find something you wouldn’t want to lose this amazing find to the next customer because you had to run to the ATM, so consider bringing cash.  Cash is universally accepted at all locations, like the flea market, consignment shops and garage sales.

Though many boutiques and larger thrift stores accept credit cards, debit cards and, occasionally, personal checks, not all smaller stores do.

Lastly, remember to consider the condition of the clothes or accessories you are purchasing at the vintage stores.One should inspect the clothing beforehand in well-lit areas for tears, stains or missing buttons. 

However, do not be deterred by some wear-and-tear, because it is previously used merchandise, just make sure the item is in a presentable condition.

“I shop at vintage stores because it’s a lot cheaper than regular stores. Plus, there’s just so many good finds,” Saadiq Vaughan said. “Everything that’s in style now has already been in style before. Why not buy the originals?”

“The whole thrifty look is a part of my style so I shop at places that offer items of that caliber,” Vaughan said.