A New Dietary Supplement Line for Blacks


William Parker Jr., a Houston area African-American pharmacist launched a new line of dietary supplement products called FIT4US.

FIT4US is targeted toward the black community, Parker explained. “The African-American community has been neglected by the health care industry,” said Mr. Parker according to blacknews.com, and it is now time to close the gap.

He created these new products while thinking about his own family. He told theindustrycosign.com that he has a grandmother who suffers from arthritis, an aunt who has diabetes, and a father who needs to lower his high cholesterol.

The FIT4US line includes Bone and Joint Enrich, Cholesterol Formula, Colon Cleanse, Children’s Vitamin, Diabetic Assist and The Stealthy Package. These products are designed to treat a full range of problems.

The FIT4US Bone and Joint Enrich Formula promotes joint flexibility (range of motion) and comfort. While many pain relievers only work for the moment, Bone and Joint Enrich claims to improve joints and cartilage over time.

Parker’s business partner Derrick Thomas explained that these products are necessary; he witnessed diabetes, high blood pressure and severe arthritis savage his African-American customers.

“Customers, and even close family relatives, were afflicted with ailments that, with the proper intervention were preventable or at least treatable,” said Thomas on fit4usonline.com. The proper intervention is FIT4US.

Consumers agree with Thomas and deem these products necessary and valuable to the betterment of their health.

“If the products are going to work to improve our health and are useful to eliminate the aliments that plague the black community, then they are very necessary,” said Ashlie Russell sophomore majoring in marketing Howard University.

However, others, such as Tiffany Head believe that these products alone will not just help improve heath in the African-American community.

“It’s a matter of making people aware of what aliments are affecting their health. Educating the black community on these issues as well as the FIT4US products is what makes the difference, not the products alone,” said Head.

One customer, Betty S., wrote “This morning I got up and cleaned my house-.without the usual pain in my wrists and shoulder. Bone and Joint Enrich works. I can get out of a chair without moaning and groaning,” on FIT4US.com.

FIT4US products are currently available online at www.FIT4US.com, by phone at 877-348-4879 and at several Houston pharmacies.