Alpha Nu Omega: The Christian Alternative

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma GammaRho, Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi BetaSigma, Iota Phi Theta

If you are a student at an HBCU thenthere’s a good chance you are either a member of, want tobecome a member of or know someone who is a member of one of theseorganizations. But what about Alpha Nu Omega? Baffled. Well let mehelp you out.

Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. is a relatively new Greekorganization. It was founded less than two decades ago at MorganState University in Baltimore. However, Alpha Nu Omega differs fromtraditional Greek fraternities and sororities. Its purpose is topresent a Christian alternative for students and faculty oncollege/university campuses.

A multicultural organization made up ofindividuals from various Christian denominations, membership forthis organization is geared toward individuals seeking arelationship with Christ. The group is committed to drawing peopleto Christ and developing leadership in ministry through service.Its members participate in and implement several outreach programsand activities, including food and religious tracks, campusprayers, and bible studies.

Another aspect that distinguishes Alpha NuOmega from traditional Greek organizations is that it operates astwo separate entities, a fraternity and a sorority, united by asingle constitution.

“I don’t think their organizationis any different than other traditional Greek organizations”says Lettah Heyward, a senior biology major and member of DeltaSigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated at Howard University.”Their main focus is Christian culture and beliefs, but otherorganizations have these beliefs and views, as well. Myorganization has a religious basis within it too.”

Traditional Black fraternities and sororitiesdo have Christian basis and ties however Alpha Nu Omega’spurpose, symbols, practices and code of conduct are exclusivelybased upon biblical guidelines and principles. According to theorganization’s official website the organization seeks toglorify God in everything they do.

“I was recently on their website and itseems as though they are very focused on their Christianmission.  I like the premise of the organization and believethat it has the potential to get bigger,” says StarshaValentine, a junior psychology major student at Howard Universityand member of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Incorporated.

Soon after its founding and incorporation,Alpha Nu Omega adopted a membership intake curriculum, whichattracted more people to the organization, resulting in rapidmembership growth. There are currently 11 undergraduate and fourgraduate chapters, the most recent charted in 2003 at HowardUniversity.

“We are a ministry in addition to beingfraternity and sorority,” says Kitomilo Cole, sophomoreSpanish major at Howard University and member of Alpha Nu Omega,which also ministers the message of Christ through step and talentshows. 

For more information about Alpha Nu Omega, howto join, or start a chapter on your campus, log on to their websiteat www.alphanuomega.org. The website also provides prayerrequest for those seeking spiritual encouragement.