Bow-wow Romeo Feud


Recent reports of a feud between two prepubescent rappers have left me and a few peers confused and annoyed. 

Reports have been issued quoting Master P, father of Lil Romeo as saying, “”I just think Bow Wow done sold a couple records and got real cocky, and forgot where he came from,” Master P said.

"He [Bow Wow] done dissed almost everybody in the industry.  How you gonna diss Will Smith? Then he came back and dissed Ronald Isley, Omarion, and now he’s taking shots at Rome.  Bow Wow is older now.  When you diss someone, you have to be accountable.  To us, when you’re 12 years old you’re a man in the hood.  So I just think right now [Bow Wow] gotta stop getting beside himself and realize that it’s real out here."

The two rappers have traded disses in rhymes, but the feud apparently reached its peak when the two rappers crossed paths backstage at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Award show, on April 1.

I am so upset at the lack of growth in the Black community.  How is it possible in today’s age that 12-year-old kids are now engaged in a gangsta rap beef?

The continuous repetition of stupidity that runs throughout the African-American community is the evidence I need to understand why the Black community has not and will not grow if things continue down this path. 

Something so simple should not induce an extremely angered response.  What happened to the days when the only time Blacks were portrayed in the media was in positive light?  Those days are gone, I guess. However, when did parents begin to support violence and stopped trying to create bonds between kids?

Master P, has the nerve to attack Bow Wow and suggest he is not ‘hood’ and has no street credibility, yet his son who has to have been born in the 1990’s I’m sure has never went hungry or was forced to take the bus-as the privileged life his fathers wealth has created would allowed.