Bring Back the Holidays


The holiday season is not about the holiday. It’s not even about all the tales of miracles and sugary-goodness that you were told as a child. The holiday season is about what you can get, how much you can get and how cheap you can get it all. 

The New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro reported that the day after Thanksgiving, “millions of Americans mobbed discount stores, raced into suburban malls and swarmed downtown shopping districts in a retail ritual -“

Unfortunately the “retail ritual” gets even more out of hand every year. There is only one true winner after the holiday season is over-the retailers-who now worry about using the word Christmas to sell their holiday products. 

On my list this season, I want to bring back the holiday’s from the evil Grinch-like clutches of commercialization and political correctness:

I want the people to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree-it is not a "Holiday tree," and yes, it is ok to say “Christmas.”

I want manufactures to stop slapping holiday colors on the same products they have been making for decades-it is the same junk you bought before and it doesn’t taste, look or smell any better. 

I want people to stop selling Kwanza gifts. Buying a Kwanza card is anti-Kwanza and you should know better and you should know why.

I want the word ‘Chrismahanukwanzakah’ to be banished from the American English commercial vernacular. I find it offensive to attempt to meld all three of the celebrated holidays since they are not the same.

I want people to act like they have some sense when they go gift shopping There is no need to wrestle someone down to the ground in Wal-Mart to get a laptop computer or any version of an Elmo doll. 

I want artists to stop trying to make a buck off their fans by recording Christmas albums. We know all of the songs and we know you know all the songs and honestly, you are not singing them any better than those who have sung before you.