Fashion “Shows,” Not Just the Catwalk

Milan, Paris, New York, Antwerp…Bravo? The newest trendsin fashion are not stepping off the runway but are on yourtelevision set. In recent years, many television stations havedevoted hours of programming to the sensational world of fashion.MTV, Lifetime, and UPN are just a few networks with many showshighlighting current fashion trends and trendsetters.

 The Style Network is dedicated toteaching the world how to be fashion informed. Many of theirfashion-focused programs are geared towards helping the stylechallenged, average “Joe.” “How Do I Look?”is a show that takes individuals with no knowledge of personalstyle, and helps them evolve into fashion conscious beings.

 “The Look for Less” isanother program that focuses on average people in society. On thisshow professional stylists take pricey, designer items and recreatethem using a budget of $250 or less. These recreations are perfectfor individuals on budgets, especially collegestudents.  

Bravo is yet another network dedicating muchof their airtime to fashion. By now everyone has heard of the hiton UPN, “America’s Next Top Model,” but Bravo hastaken on the same concept with their new show, “Manhunt: Thesearch for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model.” Thisshow, not only highlights attractive men, but also trendy fashionthat appeals to the male audience.  

This is a unique concept that considers theman’s point of view in fashion. Recently, the men of”Manhunt” were given shopping sprees at Armani Exchangetotaling $600 per person. Focusing on trendy, hip items, the men of”Manhunt” showed how to mix and match different pieces,creating many different looks. By selecting items such as blazers,wovens, and slacks, the men demonstrated how to use key pieces tocreate wardrobes lasting the entire season. 

Instead of creating new fashion relatedprograms, many stations highlight the current fashion shows ofhigh-end designers. “Fashiontrance,” a Style networkprogram, is quoted as a show that it, “brings you a greatcombination of music, models, and much more each night,highlighting the hottest collections with behind-the-scene scoopand fun fashion facts.” This show gives an insight on alldesigners ranging from Gucci to Versace. It’s the perfect wayto see all of the great Paris and Milan runway shows, without theexpensive plane tickets. 

Sowhat does this mean for the viewer? The new wave in fashion-focusedprogramming allows the viewer to preview new fashions and designersright from home. This innovative wave of new television shows isjust the beginning of an undying mission to make the worldfashionably “perfect.” While these shows focus mainlyon new clothing trends, some also try to enhance the entire outerappearance. The focus hair and make-up (for men too) is alsoemerging. Not only do these shows offer fashion advice and a newwardrobe, they usually give entire makeovers for their guests. Thebest thing about this new trend in TV is the chance for everydaypeople in society to be on these shows and receive “startreatment.”