In Honor of Sylvia

Jabari Zakiya received a certificate in honor of his partner Sylvia Robinson by Ward 1’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting.

Robinson was more than just a citizen of her community, she was a community activist. Known as the District's "unofficial mayor," she passed away on Sept. 18 due to complications from breast cancer. She left behind her partner Zakiya and a sister. Robinson and Zakiya had been together since 2012.

In the community, Robinson worked with the city to get funding for the Bruce-Monroe ParkThe park, which used to be an old elementary school, became has basketball courts and a garden. The park is located on Georgia Ave NW between Irving and Columbia streets.

Robinson worked with the Emergence Community Arts Collective which hosts social activities. Zakiya said he wants to keep this hope alive with the support and volunteer of others.

Robinson was 56.