Transform Your Life with Willie Jolley


        “When you change, everything changes for you.” 

          Willie Jolley, a talented and gifted Jazz artist, renowned author, and award winning motivational speaker, said this in Cramton Auditorium on the campus of Howard University recently.

           Jolley, in his unique way, provided a wealth of insight from the lives of several successful celebrities, including his own, who had managed to overcome naysayers and obstacles. 

           “A young girl wanting to attend college was told we can’t afford it, but she made her way to TennesseeState. She had aspirations to be in the media but was told she was not the typical slim figure for that type of work, yet finally ended up on TV. She wanted to act but was told that’s ridiculous. She wanted to try her hand at publishing a magazine and again was told that’s ridiculous, you nothing about the industry,” said Jolley.

           He was talking about Oprah Winfrey who was featured on the front of Fortune Magazine as America‘s first self-made billionaire.

          “Only those who attempt the ridiculous achieve the spectacular,” said Jolley.

          He emphasized the importance of having a dream and having a positive attitude. In addition, Jolley provided the audience with a bookmark containing ten steps to follow to grow your future and finances: 

1) Decide what you want (you must have a dream)

2) Write it down and be specific (not just get rich, but put a number with it)

3) Read your goals three ties a day (morning, noon and before bed)

4) Set a date (avoid procrastination);

5) Think of it often (motivate yourself by envisioning success)

6) Dream and imagine (use the power of positive visualization)

7) Develop a plan of action (plan your work and work your plan)

8) Do three things every day toward your goal (three done consistently, better than ten inconsistently)

9) Stay positive (start your day with something positive (not the news), and make self-motivation as routine as bathing); and

10) Act like you have already achieved it (act your way into a new way of thinking and think your way into a new way of acting).

          What often stops people from living their dreams is fear. Jolley urged the audience to confront whatever they fear and do it anyway. ”Either you overcome your fears, or your fears will overcome you,” he said.

         Jolley began motivational speaking after he was fired from his job as a jazz artist at a night club. The beauty of it all was the higher calling that Jolley answered leading him to his mission in life: ”To help people maximize their God-given talents and abilities so they can do more, be more and achieve more,” he said.

        He has written books, recorded CDs, cassettes, DVDs and now his books are translated into eight foreign languages. He speaks at schools, corporations, churches, and conventions. He also won the prestigious Toastmasters International Award